Sunday, July 31, 2011

Star Trek convention Las Vegas Aug. 11 - 14 2011

We barely just finished SDCC and we already have our next stop on the Retro Outlaw Movement to share pop culture through the eyes of 2 guys raised by TV and Movies.
Our next stop takes us to sin city where we will be set up at the Rio casino for the annual Star Trek Convention from Aug 11 - 14th . If you think Star Trek is for nerds you better guess again ..
check out these designs we have in up our sleeves. What we have here is not your fathers Star Trek.
This years new design - The sexy Uhura!

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  1. Who or what do I have to blow/kill/bribe to procure a Reservoir Trek tote? I saw this at WonderCon and have been abusing myself regularly for not buying two!